Story of Sparkle

When the World went into lockdown, a group of technologists, artists, performers and polymaths came together with a singular mission:
To produce a virtual party so good, it was real. 

Meanwhile, London’s leading jazz band, Kansas Smitty’s sought support to deliver their magic to online audiences.

A new kind of music venue was created.

After the success of these initial events, a platform and methodology was refined drawing on  insights from domains of philosophy, cognitive science, hypnosis, gaming, immersive theatre and performing arts.

Philosophical Design:  Based on 15 years of research and philosophical exploration of party and social spaces, a unique approach was crafted to blend immersion, agency, creativity and personal growth.

Between 2020 to 2021, the Sparkle Team, their friends and partners have produced multiple exceptional Global online parties & festivals.

Join us in our mission to turn all life into a party

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