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Our Clients include

“As the stakeholders, we were able to truly enjoy our own event, which isn’t always the case when you plan something.”
– Nam Tran, Senior Facilities Coordinator,  Zillow Group

“By facilitating authentic connections and spontaneous discoveries, Sparkle created a memorable experience for everyone.”
Mathilde Leo, Co-Founder, Jam Online

“If you’re looking for an extraordinary online event experience, Sparkle is your choice.”
– Ka Leung, Digital Marketing, Lingoda

“The Sparkle team combined all of their unique strengths to bring people together and to have fun and the result for us was the best virtual party ever.”
– Luke Michalak, Community Specialist, SuperAwesome

Why do the most creative event producers choose Sparkle?

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps give a sense of space and place
Within this creative context, guests can roam freely.
They can explore, converse, connect and interact.
What experiences will they find?

Structured Social Spaces

Watch live performances together in the auditorium
Chat with friends while watching a band in the music bar
Browse art and share the experience in the art space
Easily link to Zoom, Ms Teams or a platform of your choice

Contexts & Content

We offer a menu of experiences featuring interactive performers.
From comedians to ventriloquists
From inspirational DJs to motivational speakers
From cabaret performers to origami experts
If you seek an interesting mix of experiences, we can help

Event Schedule

The Schedule allows guests to see what events are happening during the event. Events turn blue when they are live.

Events are shown in the attendee’s local time zone and guests can join events instantly with just one click.

Sparkle powers the most immersive & interactive virtual events

“I’ve never been to anything like this.”

“The best online event I’ve been to.”

“Best online party I’ve been to by far!”

“Most fun I’ve had in weeks. It was AMAZING.”

Mix magic into your virtual event now