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From intimate parties to global celebrations, our platform and team enable magical gatherings that push the genre.

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Unique Events Platform

The Sparkle platform is super-customisable and powers bespoke events that engage, inspire and feel real

Co-Production Concierge

Our expert events team can support your production needs across the whole event lifecycle. 

We’ve helped throw some of the biggest online parties ever

“I’ve never experienced performance theatre like this”
“It helps bring everyone together and it feels real!”
“The best online event I’ve been to.”
“It was comparable to real life beautiful community events.”
“It was AMAZING.”
“Most fun I’ve had in weeks. x “
“Best online party I’ve been to by far!”
“I’ve never been to anything like this.”
“This represents the future of online events!”

Why do true party people and their agencies choose Sparkle?

Interactive Maps

Our maps create a shared sense of place.  Guests can navigate freely through rooms and spaces – like real life.  We can link to or display almost anything – like Zoom Rooms.

Social Venues

Live performances can be watched in the auditorium. Friends can chat while watching the same video in the music bar or mingle in the conversation space.  We can embed almost any content in iFrames too.

Customisable Platform

The Sparkle platform can be configured to align with your event, concept & brand as well as your data & privacy needs.

Social by Design

Our platform features public and private messaging, in-browser video templates and reactions.
Like real life venues, selective attention features create social situations with high engagement.


Our schedule helps guests see what is happening now and soon – in every venue – in their local timezone.


Banner announcements in each map and venue can share instructions or direct guests to special events.

Live & Post Event Analytics

Our real time analytics shows how many people are online and gives a pulse of who is where.

Secure, Stable & Private

Private by design, we can configure data policies to align with your GDPR or compliance needs.

Need Specific Custom Features?

Our tech team can rapidly produce or integrate custom features.

Our expert event team are here to help

We’ve helped dozens of companies with their online event design, strategy and production – and we’re here to support you however you need.

Jess, Sofi & Thomas 

Sparkle Events Co-Production

The Sparkle Platform is designed for creativity and agency – and has powered events for leading global companies and festivals.

The Sparkle Events team can help you bring this to life with creativity, content and insight – to deliver a unique, immersive, purposeful and amazing experience.

Event Strategy & Design

Our expert team can can help you design, produce and deliver a party or festival that attendees and stakeholders love.

Interactive Invitations

From the moment of discovery, our event marketing services compel more guests to show up with anticipation, curiosity and shared purpose.

Rehearsal & Preparation

Online events feature complex human and digital dependencies.  We bring deep experience and a keen eye for quality to prepare your speakers, performers  and stakeholders for shared success.

Proven Performers

From comedians to breakdancers…
From cabarets to mixologists…
From DJs to guided meditations…

We have curated international performers for every occasion.

Entrance experiences

We’ll help warm your participants up, bring them out of their shells and create a sense of space and place as they enter your event.

Case Study: SuperAwesome Party – Epic Games

Holiday Party

SuperAwesome employees celebrated their new parent company Epic Games and created connection between all of their remote workers.

“With a dash of quirk and magic, the event we had with Sparkle was the best and most memorable event we had all year.” – Luke Michalak, Community Specialist


  • 173 out of 175 invitees attended ( > 98% ).
  • Out of the 7 spaces on the event map, the average employee visited 6.
  • Sparkle produced 12.5 hours of programmed experiences with 13 immersive hosts, performers and tech facilitators.
  • Raised spirits of employees resulting in a spontaneous after party.

Co-create a next level online party or festival